From Passion to Professional Brewery...

For decades as a passion, as a taster and as a self-production homebrewer and now a professional brewer. Alessandro the brewer, has always had an unbridled passion for beer. He began his first steps attending breweries in the district of his city to learn more about brewing while at the same time he started his own personal home brewing. Recently Alessandro moved to Malta and here he continued with his passion of producing beer for himself. Sharing the passion for beer with his wife Federica they decided to invest their resources and energy in a new challenge, that of setting up their own micro-brewery. To further his knowledge and professionality, Alessandro decided to attend a training course at the University of Perugia in Italy. On his return he and his wife have decided that it was time to start this new journey.


B O R N  T O  B E  D I F F E R E N T

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The Phoenix Brewers Ltd
Block B 13 Midland Industrial Park
Nasciaro - Malta

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